Elene Vogulkina


Elena Vogulkina

Vogulkina Elena Andreevna was born in 1987. Member of the Eurasian Art Union, Member of the Union of Abstract Artists, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Quantum Art, founded in 2008 by Roberto Denti.

From 2016 to 2018

Studied painting at the Moscow State Art Academy named after Surikov.

In February 2019

Participated in the exhibition of young artists — «Project Search», held by IZO Art gallery. The uniqueness of the exhibition was in the fact that the artists were not limited by either the plot or the technique.

Winner of the 10th international competition «In the name of peace on earth — 2019» International Creative Assembly.

In 2019

Participated in the Days of Russian Culture in Bulgaria in the cities of Varna and Dobrich from July 1 to July 17 together with the Slavic Traditions charitable foundation by Olga Ivanovna Mochalina.

In 2019 in June

Took part in the international exhibition in Strasbourg called «KATUSHA».

From 5 to 15 October, 2019

Took part in the exhibition «Do you like Theatre?», which was held at the State Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky.

From 9 to 19 December, 2019

Together with the Russian House in Belgrade (Serbia), she presented to the public her own exhibition entitled «The Whole World is Inside Us.»

From 24 to 31 January, 2020

A personal exhibition of Elena Vogulkina was held at the museum of the Serbian writer and artist Georgi Djura Jakšić, entitled «The Whole World is Inside Us.»

From 28 January to 8 February 2021

Took part in the International Competition and Exhibition of Contemporary Art «Talent of Russia» (took 2nd and 3rd places in the Abstraction nomination). May 15-24, 2021 a personal exhibition was held in Belgrade in the Nikola Radosevic gallery called «Quantum Dots of the Universe».

From 6 to 13 March, 2021

Participated in the exhibition «Waltz of the Flowers» in ART Gallery «Format».

From 14 to 21 March, 2021

Took part in the exhibition «Waltz of the Flowers» in the ART Gallery «Format».

29 May 2021

Took part in the Fashion Fantasy Party, an event that brought together art lovers, designers and artists.

From 3 to 8 August 2021

Took part in the International Exhibition of Abstract Art Competition, which took place in the Exhibition Hall of the Eurasian Art Union — Eurasium Gallery. As part of the competition, she took 3 first places in the following categories: «science in abstraction: micro and macro worlds», «neo-pop art», «experimental forms».

From 24 to 29 August 2021

Took part in the international exhibition-competition «Modern Avant-garde», which was held at the exhibition center of the Moscow Union of Artists.

From 2 to 9 November, 2021

Took part in the International Exhibition-Competition «Russian Art Week». Within the framework of the competition, she took first place in the «Digital experiment» nomination.

From 11 to 25 December, 2021

Took part in the «Quantum Transition» festival in Dolgoprudny Historical and Art Museum.

From 28 December 2021

Took part in the «Quantum Transition» exhibition, which takes place at the Dresden Art Gallery (Gostiny Dvor).

From January 2022

Corresponding member of the Academy of Quantum Art.

From 1 to 4 April, 2022

Participant of the exhibition ART RUSSIA FAIR, Gostiny Dvor. Moscow.

From 30 to 4 December 2022

Took part in Art Week in Miami Art Basel Miami.
From «Nikolskaya Gallery»

From 9 to 12 March, 2023

Participated in the exhibition-fair Word ART DUBAI (Dubai Word Trade Centre)

Permanent resident of Nicolskay gallery (Miami, London, Moscow)

When did you begin doing art and how did you get started?

When I was a kid, I wanted to fight the injustice of the world. I did not understand why some people got sick and died in a young age, why some people were rich and some were poor. Following these convictions, I became a lawyer. Legal profession gave me a realization of the fact that struggle only creates more struggle. It exhausts you and does not often lead to the desired results; nor are the desired results the best outcome in some cases.

I painted my first picture when I was studying at the last year of the institute, while chasing knowledge, namely during the final exams. I went up a ladder to reach for a book and suddenly fell and hit my head. For some time, my brain stopped working right and I got my creative urge.

I grew up in a creative family. My mother was fond of arts and painting and creativity; our apartment was always full of her works, drawings on the walls, all the walls were decorated with flowers and Leonardo da Vinci reproductions. My family had a mystical attitude towards art; they believed paintings can bring luck and vice versa.


Ever since I was a kid, I used to paint on wooden planks, make clay figu-rines, draw strange pictures that looked like signs, sets of shapes with no apparent logical connection. I always thought there were two opposing forces fighting inside me: the common sense (logic) and sensuous perception of the world.


As I graduated from the institute and went on to work as a lawyer, then a sales manager in real estate, I eventually started to realize that my work does not yield the satisfaction I was looking for. I was exhausted and I felt a strong urge to paint and to express what I had inside.

For several months, maybe for a year, my mind was actively resisting the urge. «But why? It isn’t as profitable as legal profession is.» And so on.

But my desire and my urge were stronger than logic. So I continued following my feelings and desires, despite the advice by friends and family, until it became a persistent need.

I realized the futility of the struggle, of the desire to prove something to someone, and I learned to accept myself for what I am.

How has changed my world view over the years?

My views changed all the time. As anyone else, I came to spirituality through religion, looking for answers in Christianity to begin with. Eventually I outgrew these answers and turned to other religions, such as Judaism, Islam, Kabbalah. I was strongly interested in these religions, and I borrowed valuable findings from each religion.

Next I got interested in esoteric literature. I meditated and tried to stop my inner dialog in an attempt to get rid of extraneous thoughts in my head.


Through this search, I came to a solid understanding of the source of energy for creation, which is contained in every one of us. What’s stopping us from tapping into this source of energy? If it were that simple, anyone could use that energy and get everything they wanted. What is preventing us is the immense amount of garbage: limitations, beliefs, points of view that we have inherited over generations and that are not so easy to get rid of, as our subconscious has some benefits from using them, such as avoiding taking responsibility for one’s life.


My perception of the world, my outlook and my notions of «good» and «bad» came and went over 4-5 years. As old perceptions were torn down, a new painting emerged each time. This was not just an unconscious transfer of my imagination onto the canvas, but a specific, clearly formulated question limited by a certain goal.


I showed my paintings to my friends and acquaintances and I noticed that everybody saw something different, everybody had their own vision that was not what I saw or what everybody else saw. I did not pay attention to this until I had a friend visiting me, who looked at my picture and saw a horse and a family she knew. I did not know that family and could not see them until she showed them in the picture. Later she realized she had to contact that family and deliver some information to them.


I asked myself about how her subconscious could be reflected in my painting and how my paintings could help others. I realized I could not answer that question because there was no specific answer; different people saw different things in my paintings, had different thoughts and realized different ways to handle their current issues; that is, they were connecting to their own subconscious.


In the ancient times, at the times of shamans and ancient civilizations, the people perceived these things more clearly, some information was delivered by telepathic connection. Today we have forgotten that we are energetically connected to all the people; we sense the thoughts and emotions experienced by others, even at a distance. An attempt to see the invisible through paintings is an attempt to see oneself once again, to reveal the aspects we do not want to see or cannot see due to certain reasons and beliefs.

What motivates me as an artist?

I am motivated by a combination of the search for the deeper meaning, along with a study of the sensuous perception of the world. My mind was always inspired and excited by a combination of the incongruous.


I am interested in scientific viewpoints when they interact with the intuitive, sensuous and intangible side of life.


I was also interested in the quantum theory of the world.

How has your style changed or evolved over the years?

Initially I was interested in the classics; I wanted to explore the shape of things. Later I got a feeling that I was departing from the essence of myself; I didn’t want to paint as everybody does. I wanted to find my own style, my own creative approach.

I was particularly impressed by Leonardo. I tried myself in different styles, but I had a feeling that I was trying to be a poor imitation of somebody else.


I wanted to follow no one but myself, my inner senses, I wanted to remove the control and expectation of my mind. I was interested in the quantum theory of creation, which says creativity happens where there is no observer. In my creative experience, the best works happened when I released the control and to some extent even observation of the process.