Elene Vogulkina


Elena Vogulkina

Quantum art

What is quantum art?

Quantum art is an entire branch of art, uniting artists whose mission is to change people’s views on the world order, on human interaction with reality, influencing conscious and unconscious processes in the human psyche.

The basis of creativity

The work of Elena Vogulkina reflects a special idea of the world order, which is based on the energy side of origin — quantum. The reason for all events and processes lies in the energy and program side of things. The outer world is not separate from the inner world, and the outer world is only a reflection of the inner.

Quantum art is not limited to the personality of the artist, but is beyond this personality. The personality is only a witness of this process, which occurs between the energy that strives to be embodied, information, knowledge and the artist’s canvas.

The disembodiment of paintings as an attempt to defeat death

The artist acts as an intermediary between the world of forms and the subtle (world of energy). It forms the intention (vector), character, purpose, and main idea of the work, thereby creating the direction of change in the external world. This is the very bridge between the incorporeal world of energy and the world of forms. Therefore, we catch in the paintings of Elena Vogulkina a feeling of incorporeality, lightness, airiness and at the same time density and materiality, as parts of a single whole world.

Early creativity

The expression of the spiritual and physical comes down to reducing forms to the most elementary, to spots and lines that voice the essence of meaning in its pure form. Early works of abstraction are a search for a figurative language capable of reproducing invisible phenomena, at the same time, at some point, there is a complete release of control over the process of creation (the painting «Abundance») and trust in the forces of nature to be an accomplice in this process. Sometimes we can observe in paintings how forms are born from chaos, flowing from incorporeal objects into material ones.

Unity of Spirit and Matter

Every painting hides a zero point where the physical and material unite and develop together. Here the concept of a quantum object appears as an object that exists simultaneously in 2 worlds: in the world of forms and in the world of energies and programs. A quantum object is a process that constantly changes properties, flowing from one form to another, constantly changing and transforming. This is also reflected in creativity: paintings are objects that sometimes change and transform several times during the creative process, changing the message and meaning.

Master of life

The viewer is perceived by the artist not as a separate whole, but as a connected part of a single world (as an organism). The viewer is forced to react to the changes in the world that the artist has made by choosing, either to succumb to these changes and let something new into his life, or to leave everything as it is without reacting to it. The choice is always up to the viewer: to destroy old life patterns and look at the world in a new way, or to continue to see your illusion (picture of the world).

In the painting «Master of Life» we see the Hierophant as a symbol of spiritual and material power. But the main message of the picture is that every person has it, and every person can be the «Master of his own life.»

Changing the world...

Quantum art, influencing the microworld of a person, can change the idea of the macroworld. The viewer, focusing on his own internal sensations that quantum art evokes in him, is able to completely reconsider his picture of the world as a whole.